work sample from the composer, andrea clearfield


great sorcerer

Commissioned by Gene Kaufman, Terry Eder and New Vision for NYC Opera.
In addition to the chamber orchestra of Western instruments, there will be Tibetan ritual and folk instruments as well as a full range of percussion.

Composer: Andrea Clearfield
Librettist: Jean-Claude van Itallie & Lois Walden

Conductor:  Lidiya Yankovskaya
Principal Pianist: Djordje Nesic
Percussionist: Chihiro Shibayama

Mila: Jonathan Blalock
Mother: Caroline Worra
Father: Christopher Magiera
Uncle: David Kravitz
Aunt: Kimberly Sogioka
Sorcerer: Justin Hopkins
Marpa: Matthew Anchell
Damema: Ashley Kerr